About Dog Vitamins

We are dog owners that care about our dogs and yours! Over the course of our lives we have had a few great dogs that we have loved and cared for. We have also met a lot of people who have had dogs. Through this experience we have heard, and experienced a lot different dog related problems. A few years ago we had one particular problem, our dog developed very bad skin and coat problems.

Our dog was very itchy, and losing hair, she had redness and we tried everything. After a lot of research we came across Nuvet dog vitamins. After feeding these vitamins to our dog for a few months we noticed that our dog’s skin and coat problems started to clear, but that is not all.

Not only was our dogs noticeable problems clearing up, but she also started to recover from other problems we never even knew about. We noticed that her coat was a lot nicer (nice and shiny) and we also noticed she had a lot more energy. This was great because it was like they Nuvet gave new life to our dog. We really liked this and wanted to pass it on to others, so we decided to make a dog vitamins blog! We review and showcase all types of vitamins, not just Nuvet.  If you want to buy some Nuvet, or you want more information then visit their website (linked in our sidebar)