Dog grooming training: How to be a dog groomer

by admin on October 27, 2010

Dog grooming is an important aspect in responsible pet ownership. Dogs need ample dog grooming to ensure proper hygiene and prevention of common diseases.
dog grooming trainingWith this, career opportunities for dog groomers are abundant. Dog groomers are needed in pet shops, grooming salons, animal hospitals, and animal rescue centers. Some professional dog groomers offer at-home service to dog owners who may not have the time to bring their pets to grooming salons.
However, dog grooming is never an easy task, and proper training is needed. To become a certified dog groomer, one has to undergo intensive dog grooming training. This makes sure one has the proper skills in handling even the most nasty dog behavior.
Dog grooming training is offered by a number of schools and training institutes, and may vary from beginner to more advance. Some dog grooming training schools offer short, diploma, and degree courses. When choosing the best dog grooming training school, one has to visit the institute first to get an idea of how their training is. Observing classes and checking how they teach dog handling are ways to know if they provide the best dog grooming training.
Online learning or home study courses on dog grooming training have also been available. However, one has to make sure to take the best possible online course, since this is very different from ordinary hands-on training one can get from dog grooming training schools. One has to make sure that the home study program is licensed and the resulting dog grooming training certificate is well recognized. The creator of the program must have the best credentials, i.e., years in the dog grooming business, level of certification, etc., and must provide considerable level of instruction and feedback.
Generally, there is no age limit required to enroll, meaning anyone who is interested in becoming a dog groomer may opt to undergo dog grooming training, which may take just a few weeks.
In dog grooming training courses, one learns the specific details on grooming, products that should be used, sanitation, among others. One is acquainted with the habits, common behavior, and coat characteristics of different dog breeds. The best specified treatment of each breed is also learned. Dog groomers are also encouraged to give simple grooming techniques and proper handling tips to dog owners on how to maintain the appearance of their dogs.
Dog grooming training includes specific beginner and advanced skills. Beginner skills include brushing, nail clipping, ear cleaning, dematting, dental care, parasite recognition and eradication, drying techniques, proper dog handling, sanitation, skin health condition checking, and deshedding techniques. More advanced dog grooming skills include coat thinning, pre-bath coat shaving, coat stripping, trimming, removal of ear hair, overall dos evaluation, and specific breed styles.
Since dogs have different personalities, professional dog groomers must have the love for animals. This is the most important factor in becoming a good dog groomer. Dog groomers who have an inherent love for dogs relate better with their clients and provide the best grooming care always.

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