Should Dogs Have Multivitamins?

by admin on August 18, 2010

multivitamins for dogsYou have brought home that brand new puppy! The dog is quickly becoming your best friend for whom you would do anything. You want him to stay healthy and live a long healthy life. Your breeder suggests a multivitamin for dogs. The breeder prefers a natural one called Nuvet Plus (See our Nuvet plus review). You wonder if this is really necessary or just something that a snooty breeder would recommend and the dog does not really need. Here are some reasons that the dog may really need to take a dog multivitamin.

Why Dogs Need Dog Multivitamins

You should not just give your dog a regular vitamin. The minerals and nutrients in the vitamins for people are made for a humans digestive system. However the ingredients in a dog vitamin such as Nuvet Plus are specifically made for dogs, and developed by scientists and veterinarians over a course of 10 years!

What Dog Multivitamins do

Vitamins are essential for the healthy of dogs. This includes your pet. Even top of the line dog foods have just enough vitamins and nutrition for your dog to survive and grow. Without any vitamins they may not grow properly, and develop diseases such as rickets and bad eye sight. So, your basic dog food has enough vitamins to make sure this does not happen. But there is so much more that vitamins can do in a higher quantity and better quality. That is why it is recommended giving the dog a multi vitamin which will increase the amount of vitamins ingested on a regular basis.

The Best Multivitamin for Dogs

The best vitamins for dogs are multivitamins that are natural and organic. Natural dog vitamins like Nuvet Plus are one hundred percent natural. They also do not contain fillers that are found in other vitamins. You want a vitamin that is checked for purity and potency. You will find this in Nuvet Plus. Nuvet Plus is also made with human grade ingredients. This means the ingredients are so top of the line that they could be put in products for humans. These extra vitamins protect against things like allergy, lethargy, heartworm, bone diseases, and cancers. Nuvet Plus has antioxidants that attack free radicals known the produce cancer in humans and animals. Multi vitamins are needed by dogs.

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