Arthritis Supplement for Dogs

by admin on August 2, 2010

Arthritis supplement for dogsArthritis can be a debilitating disease when it comes to dogs. It can be very painful for them. It is recommended to give dogs supplements to help their joints feel better. These supplements are also able to repair some of the damage that is done by arthritis. Although supplements cannot repair all of the damage caused by arthritis it will help a dog live a fuller life.

Arthritis Symptoms in Dogs

A sign that your dog has arthritis is that they do not want to move around like they usually do. You may see a slight limp in their walk and they may act like they want to sleep a lot more than they normally would.

Why Dogs Get Arthritis

There are many reasons why a dog gets arthritis. Among these are infections that have affected a dog’s bones. These infections can leave damage which leads to arthritis. Another cause of arthritis could be the trauma that a dog has had to their joints, especially if the trauma that happened caused tendons to be torn. One more reason why your dog has arthritis now could be because your dog was overweight when it was a puppy. This extra weight was too heavy for their joints and over a period of time it turned into arthritis.

Arthritis Supplement for Dogs

A fantastic supplement for dogs with arthritis is NuJoint which is produced by NuVet Pharmaceuticals. This supplement offers anti-inflammatory capabilities for dogs whose joints have arthritis in them. NuJoint is made out of natural ingredients making it totally healthy. The supplement comes in a wafer that is easily digestible that is very effective in treating the symptoms of arthritis.
It does not matter what size of dog you have or whether they are young or old, they will surely benefit from supplements made specifically for a dog’s arthritis

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