Benefits of Vitamin C for Dogs

by admin on July 20, 2010

Benefits of Vitamin C for dogsIn the right amount of dosage and for the right reasons vitamin C can be a healthy addition to your dog’s diet. There are some diseases that your dog may have that can be combatted by taking vitamin C. This could help your dog to get well a lot faster.

Is Vitamin C Toxic?

Vitamin C should not be toxic to your dog if given in the proper amounts. Your dog will be able to get rid of any additional amount of vitamin C that it does not need when they urinate. Vitamin C will not stay in a dog’s body for very long making it virtually impossible for it to become toxic to their system.

What can vitamin C help in dogs?

Hip dysplasia is a disease that dogs sometimes get. It is arthritis that can affect a dog’s hips. Researchers believe that this can be caused by a lack of vitamin C in your dog’s daily diet regimen. Sometimes dogs do not get enough vitamin C from the foods that they eat and they may need additional vitamin C added to their diets.

Does Vitamin C Help Dogs Immune Systems?

Your dog can be greatly benefited by having enough vitamin C in their body to help strengthen its immune system. Vitamin C will work as an antioxidant that helps to prevent disease. This will help your dog to be able to fight off diseases that could otherwise attack them such as a urinary tract disease.

The muscular framework of your dog can also benefit from the right quantities of vitamin C. Vitamin C works to pull this framework together so that it is stronger. It affects how strong that your dog’s heart is and how well a tissue structure your dog has as well.  Vitamin C can even strengthen a dog’s bones.

Benefits, as you can see, are numerous for dogs who take additional vitamin C as a supplement to their diet.

Vitamin C Dosage for Dogs

As stated above Vitamin C is not toxic, but it is still important to give your dog Vitamin C Supplements for dogsthe right amount at the right time. Vitamin C also works well with other vitamins and nutrients that will enhance it’s effect, and it will enhance the effects of other vitamins. For this reason it is recommended to give your dog something like Nuvet . Nuvet was developed by Veterinarians and scientists over a period of 10 years to help dogs get everything they need, or are not getting from their dog food.

Where to Buy Vitamin C for Dogs

Nuvet Plus contains Vitamin C along with a big list of other supplements for your dog. You can visit the official Nuvet website to read more about the dog vitamins, testimonials, and ingredients

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