What Are the Best Dog Vitamins?

by admin on August 24, 2010

what are the best dog vitaminsBest Dog Vitamins – A Right Mix of Vitamins and Minerals for your Canine

As a dog owner you care a lot about your dog’s health and try to give him a lot of supplementary food as well as vitamins. There are a number of health companies almost bombarding you with supplementary vitamins to be given to your pet. As a loving provider you want the best for your pet and would like to buy something which has the right mix of essential vitamins and minerals. For this you need to do a bit of research for your self and identify that what are the best dog vitamins available today.

Choosing the right vitamin for your dog will be an easy task if you educate yourself with the common ingredients it consists of, and the benefits it has. One such very popular vitamin supplement is the Nuvet Plus. It is manufactured by Nuvet Labs in California are known to be proficient in the betterment of your dog’s health.

The most common ingredients of Nuvet Plus and its benefits are as follows;

  • Alfafa: Is a source of vitamin K, A, D, E and B. Chlorophyll and fats are also part of it. It is good for the GI tract and kidney.
  • Amino Acids: Is good for growth of new muscles and cells. Prevents problems of the coat and inhibits premature aging.
  • Beta- Carotene: Helps in strengthening of the immune system. Enhances proper eye functioning and maintains a healthy coat.
  • Copper: Aids in healing in lieu of some injury by promoting the formation of tissues and new cells.
  • Iron: Provides energy and fights against low blood count and loss of hair.
  • Magnesium: Is very good for bone growth and a healthy heart, Promotes growth of teeth.
  • Selenium: Is an antioxidant and fight against free radicals.
  • Vitamin E: Is an anti-inflammatory agent and maintains the condition of foot pads.

You can see from the list above that Nuvet labs only produces all natural dog vitamins. For a full list of the ingredients used in Nuvet plus, and how they benefit your dog, visit our Nuvet Plus Ingredients page.

The aforesaid essentials are just a few of the many ingredients of Nuvet Plus and this makes it one of the best dog vitamins present today. You can see our full review of nuvet plus, as well as some other reviews on our Nuvet plus reviews page.

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