Dog Vitamin Wafers

by admin on August 21, 2010

Nuvet Plus makes a Dog Vitamin Wafer. This is a great form for this product. Anyone wanting to insure the best chance for health for their dog will enjoy using the wafers. Dogs are often considered part of the family and taking the time to research and buy a dog multivitamin shows your care for you pet.

nuvet vitamin wafersThe Nuvet dog vitamin wafers are made with 100% natural ingredients, and have been researched for many years. The formula used to make these was created over a period of 10 years by veterinarians, and scientists. The goal of the formula was to create an all natural solution, that will increase a dogs health, and help with common health ailments found in dogs

Breeders also choose to use the product and recommend it to others. Dogs will see many benefits from taking a vitamin supplement and Nuvet Plus vitamin wafers are often regarded as the best. Nuvet is a well respected company and maker of natural vitamins for dogs. The product comes in a powder as well.

Even healthy dogs need vitamins supplements. Even the best high quality expensive dog food may still not provide the amount of nutrition that your dog needs.  You also have to make sure your dog eats enough food to get proper nutrition. Some dog food does not have the right nutrients for your dog, so the dog will over eat in order to get the vitamins they need. To ensure proper vitamin intake, add a Nuvet Plus dog vitamin wafer. They have chicken flavor to make them appeal to a dog’s palette. This way you know they will get the right amount of nutrition.

The dog vitamin wafers are extra water soluble, and fat soluble, which means the vitamins will be easily ingested and used by the dog. The extra vitamins will also help prevent common health problems. It can also help prevent allergies and insure a great coat with no dandruff. Many minor things can be linked back to a lack of vitamins and this product takes care of them. The dog just needs to eat a wafer periodically.

Nuvet Plus also has antioxidants. These antioxidants will attack free radicals and research demonstrates that free radicals can be a precursor to cancer in animals and humans.

The product may seem expensive but the effects are so beneficial that it really makes it worth it. You may actually save money if you consider that your dog will eat less, go to the bathroom less, and require less trips to the vet clinic. Also consider the one point that you can not put a price on, your dogs health!

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