Proper Vitamin Dosage for Dogs

by admin on September 4, 2010

what is the proper vitamin dosage for dogsMany years ago people started taking vitamins to help ensure they are getting all the nutrients they need. After the benefits of proper nutrition and taking vitamins in the proper dosage was seen in people, we started to look to our pets.

Cats and dogs can also benefit from vitamin supplements and proper nutrition. Many pet owners want the best nutrition Their pets, and just as people eat healthy food and also take vitamins, dogs can also eat healthy dog food and benefit from a vitamin.

One common question is can a dog have a multivitamin? In my recent article entitled should dogs have multivitamins I address this question, the short answer is yes, but only vitamin made for a dogs digestive system and to suit their needs, and only in the right dosage, which brings people to the next question

What is the proper vitamin dosage for dogs?

This is a tricky question because first, it depends on what type of supplement you are giving your dog, and second it depends on your dogs weight and what you are giving them.

Nuvet plus is a popular dog supplement producer, and they make this task a bit easier. What they have done is develop a multivitamin just for dogs, with a lot of natural ingredients. We give these multivitamins to our dogs and recommend them to others. Nuvet recommends giving dogs under 5 pounds half a wafer / serving a day ( if you are using the powder) for dogs between 5 and 100 pounds one serving a day is recommended, and dogs over 100 pounds should eat two serving per day.

Instead of trying to figure out what vitamins you can give your dog, and how much is healthy, but how much is un-healthy, you can just put your trust in a company that spent over 10 years perfecting their formula. Nuvet makes it easy to give your dog the right amount of vitamins without worrying!

For more information visit the Nuvet website

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