Dog Joint Supplement and Multivitamin – Can a Dog Have Both?

by admin on September 5, 2010

multivitamin for dogs and joint supplementYour dogs health is important, and as medicine advances new discoveries are being made about how to achieve the optimal health for dogs.

It used to be good enough to feed a dog a cheap bag of food, but then people started to wonder why their dogs were getting sick and they had a pile of vet bills to pay. Luckily the pet food industry has started to clean up it’s act with some great dog food brands like blue buffalo dog dog food making all natural dog food with whole foods, but what about vitamins?

Nuvet labs is one company that has been developing supplements for dogs for over a decade. They have developed two products that are quickly becoming household names. Nujoint plus which is a joint supplement to help dogs who have arthritis and joint pain, and Nuvet plus, which helps with a number of common health ailments in dogs.

Two of the most common dog supplements on the market today are joint supplements for dogs, and multivitamins for dogs. Recent surveys suggest that more than half of the dogs in the us are now being fed a dog vitamin. With the popularity of products new questions are being asked

Can a dog have a joint supplement and a multivitamin?

The answer that we received from nuvet is yes. There is no overlap in the ingredients of nuvet plus, and nujoint plus, so you do not have to worry about your dog having too much of one vitamin or mineral. The joint supplemet nujoint plus is a hip and joint supplement that is made specifically for the bones and joints. Nuvet plus is a dog vitamin that focuses on the overall well being of a dog. It will help with things like coat and skin problems like itching, allergies and hot spots, and also help strengthen the immune system, skeletal system and nervous system.

It is recommened to give your dog nuvet plus first as it helps with many different symptoms, and then if your dog still needs extra support for their bones, then incorporate nujoint.

If you are interested in any of the above metioned products you can visit the nuvet website

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