Dog vitamins for allergies – which are the best?

by admin on September 6, 2010

Dogs are a lot like people in some ways,vitamin for dog allergies just like people, dogs can suffer from allergies.
It is no surprise that dogs also suffer similar symptoms. Ailments such as itchiness, breathing problems, ear infections and diarrhea are all signs of allergies in dogs. These allergies not only cause the dogs and the owners to be uncomfortable, but they can also stress the dog, which may lead to other health problems.

Sources of allergies

The main cause of allergies in dogs are

  • Fleas
  • Environmental sources
  • Foods

dog vitamin for losing furOne of the biggest causes of allergies is food. Many large dog food manufacturer care more about their bottom dollar than the health of your dog. A lot of popular brands of dog food include meat by-products and filler grains like corn and wheat. These foods are not natural in a dogs diet, and can cause problems.

The meat products in dog food is also not inspected, which can result in low grade meats being used. This means that bacteria and other contaminants may be present in your dogs food, which can be a cause of allergies

The dangers of allergies in dogs

Dog vitamin for allergies

The initial sings of a dog with allergies are the least of your worries. When a dog is allergic to something their immune system will begin to fight the pathogens, this will cause the immune system to be weaker than normal, due to the constant fighting. Dogs with allergies also tend to scratch, bite, and chew to relieve any discomfort they may have. They will usually do this in excess which may lead to open wounds, which further complicates their conditions.

How to prevent allergies in dogs with vitamins

A dogs first defense is a healthy body and a healthy immune system. This can be achieved through proper nutrition the right amount of exercise. If a dog has a weak immune system this can be the beginning of problems with allergies.

The best way to prevent and fight allergies is to regularly groom your dog to keep their coat clean and strong, regular exercise, and feed then high quality dog food with a vitamin supplement. This combination will keep your dog at their healthiest for their entire life. A vitamin supplement is very important for your dog because of the way dog food is made. Quality vitamins like Nuvet plus are made to retain the most amount of vitamins possible, where dog food is made with high heat, this process will deplete a lot of the vitamins and nutrients that the ingredients contain.

How to treat a Dog with allergies

As mentioned before the best remedy is prevention, which is done through exercise and proper diet. Good dog food and a vitamin supplement will ensure your dog has a healthy digestive system and a strong immune system.

If your dog is suffering from any of the symptoms above your first step should be to ensure your dog is getting exercise, eating good food, and taking a proper dog supplement

What is the best dog vitamin?

One of the highest regarded dog multivitamins on the market is Nuvet plus, madeNuvet plus by Nuvet labs. This vitamin was developed over a course of 10 years by vets and scientists to create a vitamin that will provide better health in dogs. Nuvet only uses human grace ingredients, approved by the FDA.
Nuvet labs also has a 60 day guarantee. This means that if you do not notice improvements in your dog within 60 days they will refund you your money.

For more information, or if you are interested in buying vitamins for your dog, visit the Nuvet website

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