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Nuvet Plus ReviewsNuvet plus is a popular brand pet vitamins with special blends made for cats and dogs. The dog vitamins are made to help give your dog optimal nutrition, and quality vitamins and nutrients. Even the best quality dog food is limited by the process that is used to make the food. Dog food is made with high heat, which can degrade the nutrient count by up to 75%. Nuvet plus vitamins are made with human grade ingredients, and use a cold press technique that will help the end product hold the highest vitamin count.

If you are thinking of buying Nuvet plus or Nujoint plus you should read a number of Nuvet plus reviews to see how the vitamins work. Remember that every dog is different and results will vary, but Nuvet has a 60 day money back guarantee if you do not notice an improvement in your dogs health

Nuvet Plus Customer Reviews

We have already written our own Nuvet plus review, but we wanted to provide reviews from other customers. Below you will find a collection of reviews from various sources. We have included positive and negative reviews

These reviews were found on the terrific pet forum where someone was asking for opinions on Nuvet plus, of course a lot of people posted stuff that is not relevant to the question, so I will share the relevant ones here

Posted in 2008

“I thought NuVet Plus was another dog vitamin gimmick, but I gave ChiChi(12 year old Golden/Rott mix) 2 tablets a day as recommended by my supervising clinic directer, I called NuVet Labs, they recommended 1 tablet a day, but Dr. Ponci told me to use 2 per day.I called again and Nuvet labs told me to use the recommended dose, unless advised by a vet to use more,tablets per day but they were hesitant to recommend 2 2 a day. My Mentor(my boss) told me to use 2 per day. My dog is like a new dog. She plays like she did when she was a puppy. In Veterinary school, they don’t spend much time educating on supplements or nutrition. I can only say good things about that nuvet plus, it has really made a huge difference!!!. Now I give ChiChi only one a day, but I give 1/2 in the morning and 1/2 at night.”

This review was posted in 2005 and from reading the other posts it appears that the person writing is a dog breeder

I choose to feed my cavaliers the NuVet products – I have noticed an increase in coat – better weight management – and less dry skin. I do not require my puppies to be maintained on it – but I do recommend it as I feel it is good enough to feed my own dogs.

Here is a bit of a negative review of Nuvet, more of a neutral review as it appears the vitamin did not have an affect on their dogs.This was also posted in 2005, and the Nuvet formula has been improved since then.

“I tried NuVet on my 3 bullies and after several months on it I still didnt see a difference in their coats or anything so I took them off of it. I wouldnt even bother with the stuff”

Most of those reviews are from an old forum post. It is always nice to get current opinions on the product, but this also shows that Nuvet is still in operation and getting more popular. The first post was in 2005, which is almost 6 years ago now, you have to think that the vitamins must be working if people are still buying them!

Now we will look at a few customer reviews and opinions from a German shepherd forum. These were posted in 2008

Nuvet Scam?

Here is a post, and a response. The original poster thinks that Nuvet is a scam because of how they market the vitamins

Original Post – I have done some more research on Nuvet plus and found that breeders appear to get a “kick back” from Nuvet if they recommend it to their clients. Each breeder has a unique code tied to Nuvet that they want you to use when ordering it from Nuvet’s web site.

I just had a 10 year old GSD die from cancer and I am looking for anything that might help prevent it from happening again with my new pup. Nuvet sort of sounds like a scam though.”

Response – It is not a scam. It is simply a pet vitamin that is sold through network marketing…like Flint River Ranch Pet foods and Healthypetnet products.”

Response 2 – “I think it’s legit. I also think that if you have a pet who is relatively healthy, you don’t need supplements, just a good diet. If the dog is healthy, I don’t hink you’ll see a change with NuVet. Now if there are problems, supplements like NuVet can help the dog.

It is true Nuvet gives bonuses to breeders for referring customers, however this does not mean the vitamins are a scam. This is a great way to encourage dog breeders to recommend a good product to their customers. Any good breeder would never recommend a product that does not work, otherwise they would destroy their reputation and their credibility. I have noticed Nuvet recommended on a lot of dog breeder websites, so this is more proof that they work, rather than  a sign of a scam. Instead of using money to advertise on t.v and billboards, they give the money to the breeders for suggesting the vitamins. In a way this is a great way to reach new customers.

Click here to visit the official Nuvet Website and see more reviews

Reviews from the Nuvet Website

The best place to find Nuvet Reviews is from the Nuvet website under testimonials

This is a review of dog vitamins that helped with allergies.

Of course these would all be positive reviews, but it gives you a good bit of insight into what customers are saying. Basically what happens is if someone uses the product and loves it, they will send an email to Nuvet, and then Nuvet will post it on their website.

We received our first bottle of NuVet early in Dec. 2009. By Christmas we were seeing much improvement in the energy level of our two miniature schnauzers. Our four year old has been scratching and licking herself due to allergies that we had tried unsuccessfully to treat. She licked herself so much that her beautiful black coat was turning brown in the areas she licked most.

The licking and scratching has almost quit and her coat is turning back to black thanks to NuVet. Believe me we will be buying NuVet for a long time.

Kenneth and Helen Dutton

Here is a review from the Nuvet Website about a customer who noticed an increase in energy level in their dog.

We have an eight year old Maltese named Mollie.  Our son recommended NuVet Plus to us about 2 years ago and we ordered your 30 day trial bottle.  By the end of the 30 day period, we could tell a significant difference in her every day activity.  She played more often and for longer periods of time and seemed to feel better.

We have given them to her for the two years since and would recommend them for any pet lover.

William & Jewel Ford Mollie, too!!!

Here is a review from someone who noticed improvements in all of their dogs who were on Nuvet Vitamins

After having my dogs, 2 Standard Show Poodles, 1 Rottweiler and 1 Chesapeake Bay Retriever, on the NuVet Plus vitamins for quite some time and seeing such great improvements in their coats and overall health, I just had to write to you and tell you about the difference I have seen this year in my Rottweiler.

My Rottweiler, Weena, is now 9 years old. She has hip dysplasia in one hip and by now also developed severe arthritis, especially in the winter time. Weena has not been much of a swimmer until Jake, the Chessie, came into our lives. Weena would jump into the water and try to retrieve the dummies, but Jake would swim way out into the deep water and pick up both dummies, sometimes even all 3 and keep them away from Weena. Meanwhile Weena had learned that if she wanted her dummy, she had to swim way out there and be fast. So Weena turned into a “water dog”.

Now at age 9, she still had tried to keep up with Jake, jumping in and out of the creek and chasing after him. Meanwhile whenever my husband came back from his daily excursion with both dogs to the water, Weena could hardly walk anymore and for sure by next morning, she was hurting real bad, so that she was limping. I told my husband to leave Weena at home until she was better.

I started giving Weena the NuVet “NuJoint Plus” vitamins and could see a little improvement, when she didn’t play too hard. But now since I am giving her 3 tablets every morning, she has been “playing hard” every day and I have not seen her limp all spring and summer. Weena is a different dog, she even likes to play again with me, chasing her beloved Frisbee and returning it to me.

Marion Lewis

If you visit the Nuvet website, and visit the testimonial page you can see hundreds of testimonials about the vitamins and their effect on many common health problems.

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